Pomegranate fruit is one of the most popular, nutritionally rich fruit with unique flavor, taste, and heath promoting characteristics.

Health benefits of Pomegranate

  • The fruit is moderate in calories, holds about 83 calories per 100 grams. It contains no cholesterol or saturated fats.It is a good source of soluble and insoluble dietary fibers; providing about 4 grams per 100 g (about 12% of RDA).
  • Nutritionists recommend pomogranate in the diet for weight reduction and cholesterol controlling programs. Regular inclusion of fruits in the diet boosts immunity, improves circulation, and offers protection from cancers.
  • The fruit is an also good source of antioxidantvitamin-C, provides about 17% per 100g of daily requirement. Consumption of fruits rich in vitamin C helps the body develop resistance against infectious agents by boosting immunity.
  • Further, it is an also good source of many vital B-complex groups of vitamins such as pantothenic acid (vitamin B-5), folates, pyridoxine and vitamin K, and minerals like calcium, copper, potassium, and manganese.


Packaging :

Export – 3 kg. & 5 kg. box

Domestic – 5 kg.,10 kg. & 20 kg. box

Packing is available as per client requirement.