Micro Crystalline Wax

Description :

Micro crystalline Wax like other waxes is a wax made from refinement of crude oil. It is stickier and more pliable, because it’s molecular structure is more branched and circular, making it an excellent adhesive. Micro crystalline Wax is tougher, more flexible and has higher tensile strength & melting points. It has higher viscosity in molten state as also oil-retaining tendency. Through it is strong, it is not a permanent hold. It is waterproof and a great gap filter. It adheres instantly and works on any material porous or non – porous and is not wrinkle fine paper. This M C Wax blinds solvents and oils, and thus preventing the sweating out of composition.

M C Wax offered bu us are both pellents & slabs. Characteristics & appearance of both M.C. Waxes are reproduced below. M. C. Wax in pellets is pale Yellow to dirty white in colour and is suitable for industrial applications M. C. Wax is in Slabs of about 5 Kg each and packed in protons, and is snow white in colour.