Emulsifying Wax Anionic

Description :

Wax Is The Chemical Used To Bind Oil And Water Together To Form A Smooth Lotion, Crème Or And Emulsion. Most Of The Times Emulsifying Waxes Are Used In Cosmetics As Well As Pharmaceutical Companies To Manufacture Ointments, Lotions, Crèmes Etc. Basically Emulsifying Waxes Work On A Molecular Level, And Attract Both Water And Oil At The Same Time. In Chemical Language, Water Is Known As A Polar Material And The Things That Like Water Are Also Called Polar Materials Also Termed As Hydrophilic. The Materials Which Are Known As Hydrophilic Are Water Loving Materials And Non-Polar Materials Known As Hydrophobic Are Water Hating Materials. For Example, Olive Oil Is Hydrophobic Material. Emulsifying Waxes Have The Characteristics Of Both The Portions, Hydrophobic And Hydrophilic. This Quality Of Emulsifying Waxes Enables It To Bind Both Water And Oils. The Binding Of Water And Oil Is Possible Just Because Some Structures Of The Emulsifying Wax Attract Oil, Whereas Others Soak Up Water Like A Sponge. Each Part Traps The Liquid Enabling It From Breaking Free To Separate. Above All, As The Oil Remains Mixed With The Water All The Time, The Emulsifying Wax Actually Helps The Oil To Penetrate In The Skin And Thus Replacing Lost Moisture.

PRODUCT APPLICATION SNon Ionic Self Emulsifying Wax Which Is Also Known As Emulsifying Wax NF Produces Professional Quality Lotions And Crèmes Which Are Very Smooth. Anionic Self Emulsifying Wax Is Useful, Economic And General Purpose Emulsifiers Suitable For Cosmetic And Pharmaceutical Applications.