Bees Wax (White/ Yellow Refined Bp)


The Beeswax are 100% Natural and Are Refined Through Physical Processes – Nothing Chemical. The Color May Vary From White To Off White With A Mild, Honey Aroma. These Are Used In Formulations Where The End Product Is White In Color. Color And Fragrance Can Later Be Added. Beeswax Provides Body And Stiffness To Formulations And Acts As An Emulsifier.


A White To Ivory Coloured Pure Beeswax Has A Faint Characteristic Odour. Our Product Is Used In Many Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical And Confectionary

Applications Including:

Lipstick And Lip Balm, Creams And Lotions, Dental Waxes, Confectionary Coatings, Ointments, Food Release Agents, Pomades And Aromatic Candles. In Candle Making, All Natural Beeswax Burns Cleaner And Longer Than Petroleum-Based Paraffin Waxes. There’s No Smoking Since There Is No Petroleum Burning In The Candles. Made From 100% Pure Refined Beeswax, This Slow Burning Wax Can Be Used Pure And Should Be Considered When Making Aromatherapy Grade Candles.